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HQ: Clearwater Beach, Florida
EST. 2010


From simple PC & MAC upgrades to soldering and everything in between, our professional techforce handles almost all hardware requests…

On-Site Support

Our company is divided into three types: On-Site, Remote, and Shipped.  Some repairs involve us working on-site, or at your…

We are an IT Tech Company that offers support for devices like Computers, Smartphones, Printers, and Routers.  We also build…


Dispatch or Consult

A Nerd will speak to you over the phone first, then determine if we can fix remotely, if needed we will dispatch someone to your residence or office.



We will determine what the issue is, think of this as the diagnostics phase.  We will provide an estimate on price during this phase, as well as an estimated time of repair (ETR).



Once you accept our estimate. We will move forward immediately with the fix.  This phase can take as short as a few minutes to as long as a couple of weeks, this varies a lot due to some parts or software being required to complete the task.  Websites can take even longer.

All of our technicians are highly skilled individuals. They are constantly self educating on the latest in technology. As our world advances rapidly, there are new solutions arriving daily for age old problems, we stay one step ahead of our competition. The charts on the right or below, provide you with some insight of our skills based on our current in house Nerds. This will change as we expand across the US.

Web & Graphic Design


Computer Repair


Smartphone Repair


Internet Marketing



We have built a lot of websites on the web, we are one of the leaders in web design in…

Graphic Development

Web design goes hand in hand with graphic design, most content on the internet is copy-written, hence we must create…

Malware Removal

Today we have tons of malware entering thru every crack in the internet. The people who create these computer viruses…


Just like upgrading the tires on your car, or adding a turbo to a 4 cyl engine, computers need upgrades. …

Internet Marketing

There are so many terms for marketing, but in the end, internet marketing is leading them all.  Internet marketing is…

Smartphone & PC Battery Replacements

Did you know that every two years your battery decreases its max hold power from 25% -50%.  This means after…

Social Media Marketing

Today it is so important from a business standpoint to get on social media, there are tricks of the trade…

Smartphone Screen Replacements

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and as smartphone manufactures like Apple and Samsung are making their phones…

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Quality Assurance
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This budget plan covers the necessities, but can be limited.

$ 9.95 /Month
  • Order management
  • Five images per product
  • Inventory tracking
  • Awesome themes
  • Custom domains


Silver is highly recommended as you get a balance of both Budget and Gold packages

$ 14.95 /Month
  • Apps & integrations
  • Custom domains
  • Digital products
  • Sell in-person
  • Sell on Facebook


Here you get all the coverage, and unlimited possibilities.

$ 19.95 /Month
  • Seamless checkout
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimized
  • Fast & stable